Torah Reading

Torah Reading


"The Torah is Judaism’s most sacred text, the foundation of a faith that is rooted in Scripture and that would later share that basis of faith with all the world. Wise Temple loaned this Torah scroll to Xavier University for the purpose of helping people of all faiths to understand the foundation of Western faith that is rooted in Judaism and its most sacred Scripture, the Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). Viewing the meticulous care involved in scribing a Torah, each letter written by a scribe, in a fashion unchanged for two millennia, helps to visually connect us to our ancestors, and remind us that with all the changes in our world, some things remain the same. In light of the close partnership between our historic congregation (the birthplace of Reform Judaism in America) and Xavier University for over 5 decades, with our rabbis serving as adjunct faculty, it is Wise Temple’s hope that this Torah scroll will provide education, information, insight and perspective to all those who experience it at Xavier University.” – Rabbi Lewis H. Kamrass, Isaac M. Wise Temple, Cincinnati, Ohio


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