Guidelines for Submission

To submit materials to Exhibit, click Submit Content in the left-hand navigation panel. If you have any questions about contributing, please contact


Exhibit, a digital repository that gathers, preserves, and provides access to the scholarship, creative works, and records of the Xavier University community, is hosted by the Xavier University Library.

Submissions must meet certain criteria for acceptance and should reflect the intellectual and academic integrity of Xavier University.

To qualify for inclusion in Exhibit, materials must either:

  1. make some contribution to the body of research
  2. be an original creative work (or a facsimile thereof)
  3. comprise part of the teaching and learning process
  4. represent a significant part of the institutional record of the university
  5. constitute a primary resource for further research and learning

Some examples of acceptable materials include:

  • journal articles
  • books
  • conference papers
  • presentation slides or videos
  • poster presentations
  • technical reports
  • field notes
  • data sets
  • theses and dissertations
  • maps, charts, graphs, drawings, or diagrams
  • photos and images
  • audio and video recordings
  • original creative works (writing, visual materials, music, choreography, etc.)
  • musical scores
  • bibliographies
  • syllabi
  • handouts
  • recorded lectures, discussions, or events
  • tests or other assessment tools
  • university publications
  • student works of excellence

File Formats & Sizes

All digital file formats and sizes are accepted. Microsoft Word documents will be converted to PDF upon upload. If your materials are not in digital format, University Library staff may be able to digitize and convert them for you. If you have questions about uploading files, contact for assistance.

Review of Submissions

All submissions will be reviewed by University Library staff to ensure stated criteria have been met for inclusion in Exhibit.


Contributors to Exhibit must be affiliated with Xavier University. This includes faculty, instructors, administrators, visiting scholars, staff, and students.

Persons previously affiliated with the university, including professors emeriti or alumni, may also submit material, provided that the work originated, took place, or was finished within the context of the university's spheres of teaching, research, and learning.


For questions about contributing to Exhibit, please contact

Withdrawal of Material from EXHIBIT

EXHIBIT is intended to be a permanent archive of, and provide persistent access to, deposited material. When authors place material in EXHIBIT, they should understand that materials will only be removed under special circumstances including but not limited to copyright violations, plagiarism, or falsification of data. When contributors leave the University, their material will remain in the repository.

No files will be removed without reasonable attempts being made to notify the author.

Persons who request to remove items that they, or others, have submitted to EXHIBIT should contact the Library by emailing The requesters should provide a full statement of the rationale for removing the item. In cases when material is removed, the citation/metadata information will be displayed with an explanation regarding the removal of the material.