#SayHerName: Examining the Invisibility of Black Women and Girls in Literature, Media, Medicine, and the Justice System



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Social Justice Zines

Course Name: Topics in Black Studies: GDST 320-01

Professor: ShaDawn Battle, PhD

Topic: The visibility of Black women and girls in media, literature, medicine, and the justice system has been hard to examine because their experiences have been made highly visible insofar as they are objectified, stereotyped, and commodified. Yet, their experiences are also concurrently invisible as they are epistemically, materially, and socially silenced and marginalized. Through the lenses of Black feminist theory and epistemology mainly, this course brings together scholars who will both theorize about the lived realities of Black women, and work to find ways to create systemic and practical change in their lives. The overall goal of this course is to make the experiences of Black women and girls legible, which is my interpretation of the #SayHerName hashtag, which began with the death of Sandra Bland.

Project: The Zines, which are a collaged pamphlet, cover the topic of racialized gender- and sexuality-specific forms of racialized police violence.

Publication Date

Spring 2021


Gender- and sexuality-specific police violence, with a focus on Black trans women; the histories of violence against Black women; policing (dis)ability and the relevance of intersectional identities


African American Studies | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies | Social Justice | Women's Studies

Zine: Slow Reform for



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