After a two-year-long hiatus thanks to the COVID pandemic and its immediate aftermath, the ORESME Reading Group is back!!

Our 43rd meeting will be held on Friday-Saturday, September 16-17, 2022, at Xavier University. Our focus this time is the work of Emil Artin (1898-1962), the Austrian-born algebraist who studied at Göttingen with Emmy Noether and Helmut Hasse, fled from Nazi persecution to the US in the 1930s, guided the dissertations of Serge Lang, John Tate and Tim O’Meara at Princeton in the early 1950s, and in 1958 returned to his professorship at Hamburg, where he worked with other doctoral students, including Hans Zassenhaus and Max Zorn. Longtime ORESMEistes will recall the recent meeting wherein we studied work of Emmy Noether on the ascending chain condition; this meeting is the natural sequel, focusing on the descending chain condition on ideals.

We shall read:

  • Chapters II, IV & V of Rings With Minimum Condition, by Artin, Cecil J. Nesbitt and Robert M. Thrall (U of Mich Press, 1946).

As additional references, I shall also include two lovely articles from the Bull. AMS about Artin’s career (the first paper of Dumbaugh & Schwermer) and the éloge by Richard Brauer that nicely summarizes his mathematical work.

  • Della Dumbaugh & Joachim Schwerner. Creating a Life: Emil Artin in America. Bull. AMS 50, 2 (2013), 321–330.
  • .
  • Richard Brauer. Emil Artin. Bull. AMS 73 (1967), 27–43.


Submissions from 2013


Creating a Life: Emil Artin in America, Della Dumbaugh and Joachim Schwernmer

Submissions from 1967


Emil Artin, Richard Brauer

Submissions from 1946


Rings with Minimum Condition, Emil Artin, et al.