The 41st meeting of the ORESME Reading Group will be held on Friday-Saturday, November 1-2, 2019, at Xavier University. Given the nice success enjoyed by the group with leading our first Read the Masters event at MAA MathFest 2019 here in Cincinnati this past summer--at which we read from Introductio ad analysin infinitorum by Leonhard Euler (1707–1783), in John Blanton’s English translation--we will stick with a good thing.

We shall take up Chapters 3 and 4 from

  • Leonhard Euler, Institutiones Calculi Differentialis cum eius usu in analysi finitorum ac doctrina serierum (St. Petersburg, Berlin: 1755),
once again in Blanton’s English translation:
  • Leonhard Euler, Foundations of Differential Calculus. Part I. Translated by John D. Blanton. (New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000).

The Institutiones was the first volume of Euler’s calculus “textbook.” Chapter 3 (On the Infinite and the Infinitely Small) and Chapter 4 (On the Nature of Differentials of Each Order) get at the heart of Euler’s understanding of differentiation.


Submissions from 2000


Foundations of Differential Calculus. Part I, Leonhard Euler

Submissions from 1755


Institutiones Calculi Differentialis cum eius usu in analysi finitorum ac doctrina serierum, Leonhard Euler