The 40th meeting of the ORESME Reading Group will be held on Fri-Sat, October 12-13, 2018, at Xavier University. At this meeting we will conclude our reading of the first four chapters of Theorie Der Algebraischen Zahlen (Theory of Algebraic Numbers), published in 1908 by Kurt Hensel (1861-1941). This work includes Hensel's first substantial presentation of his p-adic numbers, which received a mixed reception at their introduction but have since become an important tool in investigations in number theory. Our English translation of the German original was produced for this meeting by Danny Otero. Our texts are:

  • Kurt Hensel, Theorie Der Algebraischen Zahlen, B.G.Teubner, 1908.
  • Kurt Hensel, Theory of Algebraic Numbers (1908), Chapters 1-4, 83 pages. Translation by Daniel E. Otero, 2018.

Recommended as a useful secondary resource:

  • Fernando Q. Gouvêa, p-adic Numbers: an introduction, Springer Universitext, 1997.


Submissions from 2018


Theory of Algebraic Numbers, Foreword & Chapters 1-4, by Kurt Hensel (1908), Kurt Hensel and Daniel E. Otero

Submissions from 1908


Theorie der Algebraischen Zahlen, Kurt Hensel