The 33rd ORESME meeting will be held on Fri-Sat, January 31-February 1, at Northern Kentucky University.

We will continue our consideration of the work of Bernhard Riemann by reading the following works:

Foundations for a general theory of functions of a complex variable (Grundlagen für eine allgemeine Theorie der Functionen einer veränderlichen complexen Grösse, Inauguraldissertation, Göttingen, 1851) [his dissertation, in which he introduces the concept of a Riemann surface];

On the number of prime numbers less than a given quantity (Über die Anzahl der Primzahlen unter einer gegebenen Grösse, Monatsberichte der Berliner Akademie, 1859.) [in which his celebrated zeta function is introduced, and the Riemann Hypothesis first stated].

The first of these papers also comes from the Baker/Christensen/Orde translation, while the second was posted online by David Wilkins at his website

which is devoted to the mathematical papers of Riemann.


Submissions from 1892


Foundations for a general theory of functions of a complex variable, Bernhard Riemann

Submissions from 1859


On the Number of Prime Numbers less than a Given Quantity, Bernhard Riemann and David R. Wilkins