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The prevalence of nonfatal strangulation in sexual assault cases is approximately 7.4 to 12 percent, and following strangulation, the victim is seven times more likely to be killed by the assailant. The sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) is the primary caretaker for patients of sexual assault but is ill-equipped to address strangulation concerns. The SANE's comprehensive medical forensic exam allows the opportunity to discuss the assault while maintaining a nonjudgmental environment free from re-traumatization. The purpose of this project is to address the lack of knowledge on the short- and long-term effects of nonfatal strangulations to SANE’s in a large metropolitan trauma center and then for the SANE’s to be able to translate their knowledge into accurate, descriptive documentation. Knowles's adult learning theory will guide the project to be self-determined, respectful, and address all learning styles. An initial assessment of perceived self-confidence will be given to the SANEs and address their comfortability in caring for patients reporting nonfatal strangulation. After the survey, there is self-guided education in the form of a PowerPoint, weekly education, and office hours, including mock exams, for any follow-up questions the SANE’s may have in their regularly scheduled shifts. After the educational opportunity, the nurses will be given a post-survey with the same questions as the pre-survey. The goal is to improve the nurse's self-perceived confidence in caring for the patient that reports strangulation. Another marker of project success is comprehensive documentation regarding the strangulation attempt and imaging orders to assess for internal injuries. The results conclude that the SANE’s felt more confident following the educational opportunities.





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