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Although research supports the many benefits of using patient portals, many patients report not using these resources or being aware that they are available. Research also shows that many providers report their main barrier to implementation or use concerns the lack of training and support in navigating and setting up these systems. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of an educational offering for nurses and office staff aimed at increasing access and patient engagement to patient portals. Twenty-six staff members participated in this project, and all 26 participants took both the pre-and post-survey. The pre-survey was distributed and completed by staff members to assess baseline knowledge and staff attitudes towards portal usage and perceived benefits. An educational offering was completed by staff members and included the initial set-up, features of the portal, and navigating through the different tabs. A post-survey was offered immediately following the educational offering to evaluate the training and compare pre-and post-survey results. The post-survey included five Likert scale questions to evaluate the program’s perceived educational value. The post-survey results showed a significant improvement in the participants' knowledge of patient portals. The results indicated that 100% of participants were now aware of patient portal use in their practice, identified perceived benefits, identified who was responsible for registering patients, and the types of assistance their office offered. Results showed the participants’ belief that the training was beneficial to increase patient access and engagement. Findings suggest this type of educational offering may be a mechanism to increase patient access and engagement to patient portals.

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