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A national telestroke program (NTSP) was implemented at a medical center in the latter half of 2020. Following two inpatient strokes, it was discovered that only 67 members of the 370-member inpatient nursing staff had been assigned the required online learning modules. A unit-based nursing educational initiative was developed utilizing available online learning modules to address the gaps in knowledge in recognizing acute stroke signs, symptoms and providing timely care. The educational initiative, however, supplemented and complimented the online learning modules by incorporating an in-person poster presentation on inpatient strokes that included a small group discussion of an inpatient stroke case study. This project sought to evaluate the effectiveness of inpatient stroke education. A fifteen-question, multiple-choice test served as both a pre and post-test for the educational intervention. The pre and post-tests aggregate results and the difference between them were analyzed using a two-tailed, paired t-test and Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Staff program evaluations were reviewed to determine the effectiveness of the unit-based educational initiative. A statistically significant increase in the mean post-test scores (t = -9.70, p < 0.001) and a significant positive correlation of a large effect (rp = 0.55, p =.003, 95% CI [0.22, 0.76]) was observed. The staff program evaluations revealed that 99% of staff agreed or strongly agreed that they felt more confident or had a greater sense of self-efficacy to recognize stroke symptoms and in accessing the NTSP in part due to the appropriateness and effectiveness of the program's teaching and learning methods.

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