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Constructing an effective chronic care management (CCM) model can be challenging. Developing a care model that is operational and intended for future adoption into a healthcare organization's daily patient care services can be even more challenging. Cincinnati Health Department (CHD) administration continues to seek innovations in care management models designed to provide nursing care to those with diabetes and socially distanced by the CoVID-19 Pandemic. While this model must be sensitive to CHD's internal and external pressures, it must also consider logistic obstacles for providing patient care that is cost-effective, efficient, and above all, safe. An extensive literature search has revealed that one such model does not exist. To address this issue, a CCM model that integrates telehealth technology was developed from an existing CCM model and the current telehealth platform at the CHD for the delivery of nursing diabetic care to remote type 2 diabetic patients. The model presented herein, the Tele-CCM Model, offers the CHD an innovative and effective method for providing care to those high-risk patients socially distanced by the pandemic.



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