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This study evaluates a protocol that educates telephonic nurse case managers (HCMs) on the proper technique and benefits of handwashing and other hygiene strategies. The targeted high-risk population under evaluation is those individuals with healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in twenty patients will contract an HAI every day; the economic burden of HAIs reaches $35.7 billion a year. HCM provide education that can lower transmission of disease resulting in lower health costs for insurers and better health outcomes for members. Case managers target post discharge members for hand-washing protocol. Pre- and post-education surveys are used to evaluate impact of education on improved hand-washing technique. The member will express confidence in their ability to maintain good hygiene in the home and access resources to manage environmental barriers. Further studies on the efficacy of HCM education are needed to evaluate a telephonic hand-washing protocol.



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