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For a variety of reasons, a large portion of children and adolescents who undergo child sexual abuse fail to report their experience. These individuals may have established a trusting relationship with their perpetrator or be in certain circumstances that make them vulnerable to abuse. Females between the ages of 12-17 are at a particularly high risk for victimization per research studies. Due to the lack of development, both physically and psychosocially, this age range is not equipped to appropriately deal with such trauma again making them susceptible. Because of this, socially unacceptable behaviors may begin to manifest in the individual as a cry for help. It is important for nurses, who are mandated reporters, to be given the proper education about these socially unacceptable behaviors. This poster explores child sexual abuse of females ages 12-17 and proposes an educational program for nursing staff at a level 1 trauma hospital. A thorough research of behaviors is to be done initially and then a quantitative study can then be performed using a pretest/posttest method to evaluate program effectiveness. The expected outcome would be to have increased early recognition and treatment of child/adolescent sexual abuse cases.



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