Name: Cynthia*, Place of origin: Oaxaca, Mexico Place of residence: Cincinnati, Ohio, Gender: female, Occupation: House cleaner *Name has been changed to protect identity




One day I went to a talk about immigration at a church with four panelists, one of them was Marco. He talked about his experience as a DACA student, and it really impacted me. After the presentation, I approached Marco, I introduced myself, and since that day, we’ve been friends. I met Cynthia, the mom of Marco because of him. With the talk that Marco had done at the presentation I first attended, I had a bit of an idea of what his mom’s experience as an immigrant from Mexico had been. From the moment I met and introduced myself to Cynthia she made me feel very comfortable and gave off a good aura. Cynthia was a very simple and peaceful. She had jeans and a white shirt, and she had her hair in her pony tail. When I started asking her questions, I soon realized we had a lot in common. With every question I asked her, it felt like I was having more of a conversation with a friend rather than interviewing someone. I think this is the reason we talked for so long and one of the reasons why she opened up and told me about such profound and deep things.

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