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In the Jacksonian period of American History, the part played by the State of Ohio has been the subject of a vast amount of study. The names of John McLean, William Henry Harrison, Charles Hammond, and many others stand out prominently. Among these is Moses Dawson, who has, until recently, been left in relative obscurity because of the overshadowing attention given to his editorial and political rival, Charles Hammond. In spite of the large quantity of material dealing with Dawson, most writers have dubbed him a sympathizer with the Jacksonian cause. But he was more than sympathetic to Jacksonian Democracy-he was its western spokesman. Since this man's work, and especially his newspaper, have never been closely investigated, they have been chosen as the subject of this thesis.

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Advisor: John J. Whealen, Department of History.

Thesis (M.A.) -- Xavier University, 1957.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 85-87)

Moses Dawson: Jacksonian Spokesman of the West



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