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Saint Cecilia


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This paper discusses the importance of Saint Cecilia in the realm of music, art, and literature. We also delve into the story behind Saint Cecilia’s life, as well as the issue of constructed sanctity due to conflicting facts regarding her life and untimely death. As the patron saint of music, Cecilia has shaped music in the Catholic church, but her influence has expanded to all other forms of art as well. Cecilia has significantly influenced Catholic churches around the world, including here in Cincinnati at the Saint Cecilia Parish in Oakley, which graciously contributed to this study. Other sources used in this paper include Thomas Connolly’s Mourning Into Joy: Music, Raphael, and Saint Cecilia and Prosper Guéranger’s Life of Saint Cecilia: Virgin and Martyr. We examine works of art including Raphael's Ecstasy of Saint Cecilia and Moderno’s The Martyrdom of Saint Cecilia. Overall, this paper aims to inform readers about the life of Saint Cecilia, the issue of constructed sanctity, Cecilia’s influence on the arts, and her impact on the Saint Cecilia Parish community.

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