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Creation Date

Spring 2020


Jordanne Renner


Advanced Photography


In 2019, Living Coral was the Pantone of the year. Inspired by “animating and life-affirming coral hue” and two yards of tulle, the Pantone: Living Coral series was made. Living Coral is meant to embody our desire for playful expression and that is what these photos are trying to convey as well with the connection of the human form to the tulle. The series takes places at different times of the day to achieve different shades of blue in the sky to complement the golden undertone of the coral tulle. On the surface level, these are meant to be beautiful photos, but are reflective of the human desire to be free-spirted and able to engage with nature. This series is still ongoing as I aim to continue to shoot during different sky lighting as we as humans continue to pursue lighthearted activity amidst the societal demand to perform responsible and reasonable actions.