The Extensive Sexual Violation and Sexual Abuse Histories of Incarcerated Women

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Violence Against Women





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The findings found an unexpectedly high level of sexual victimizations, and the need for detailed and comprehensive measures to more fully report on the extent and rates of sexual victimizations and violations. Seventy percent of the incarcerated women reported sexual abuses that in most States would qualify as rape or the most serious sexual assault. Also, the women who reported sexual violations and abuse typically reported multiple sexual abuses and often multiple sexual abusers. A growing body of research reports on the lifetime prevalence of sexual victimization experiences among incarcerated women. However, none provides a detailed account of the many types and levels of sexual violations and sexual abuses, the age of occurrence, and the victim-offender relationship. This study used the SAC and a modified version of the SES to obtain a detailed account of 391 incarcerated women’s self-reported sexual violation and abuse histories. Tables, appendixes A and B, notes, and references.

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McDaniels Wilson, C. (2008). The extensive sexual violation and sexual abuse histories of incarcerated women [Best article award for 2008]. Violence Against Women, 14, 1090-1125.