The twenty-eighth meeting was held January 20-21, 2012, at Northern Kentucky University.  We took up two selections of that giant of modern mathematics, David Hilbert (1862-1943):

• his proof of the Hilbert Basis Theorem (as Hilbert understood it, any ideal in the ring of polynomials in n variables with rational coefficients is finitely generated), which appears in the paper Über die Theorie der algebriaschen Formen [On the theory of algebraic forms], original pub. as Math. Annalen, 36 (1890), 473-534; our English translation was by M. Ackerman in Lie Groups: History, Frontiers and Applications, Math Sci Press, 1978;
• one of his most popular works, Grundlagen der Geometrie, Teubner, 1899, the first edition of a work that has seen no fewer than 19 editions (!!); the English translation we used was the "authorized" translation of E.J. Townsend: Foundations of Geometry, Open Court, 1910.