The second meeting took place on September 18-19, 1998, at Northern Kentucky University.  The paper Sur une courbe continue sans tangente obtenue par une construction géométrique élémentaire, (Archiv fur Matematik, Astronomi och Fysik, 1 (1904) 681-702, [ Ilan Vardi in Classics on Fractals, Gerald Edgar, ed. (Addison-Wesley, 1993)]), in which Helge von Koch presented the Koch Snowflake, was the topic of the meeting. This material is reprinted, with some additions, in Une méthode géométrique élémentaire pour l'étude de certaines questiones de la théorie des courbes planes (ActaMathematica, 30 (1906), 145-174).  The last four pages are available here in JPEG format.  Dick Pulskamp's translation is available in dvi format.  Here is a translation of some additional material, not in the 1904 paper, proving the curve is simple.