Oral Histories

This series contains a collection of oral history interviews conducted by University Archives staff with current and former Xavier faculty, staff, and administrators. The primary topics include campus life, university administration, vocation, the academic environment, and athletics.




Robert G. Johnson (video, audio, transcript), Fr. Thomas Kennealy S.J. and Robert G. Johnson


Roger A. Fortin (audio, transcript), Roger A. Fortin and Fr. Thomas Kennealy S.J.


Theodore C. Thepe, S.J. - I See God’s Face in Every Flower (video, audio, transcript), Theodore C. Thepe S.J.


Vytautas J. Bieliauskas (video, audio, transcript), Vytautas Bieliauskas and Fr. Thomas Kennealy S.J.

Moving Images

50th Anniversary of Women at Xavier interviews, Mary Louise Gist, Marie Gemelli-Carroll, Patricia Burke, Brigid Harmon, Barbara Howard, Ann Hoffman, Anne Ernst, Chris Rielag, and Kay Lynch

Anne Ernst interview, Anne Ernst

Barbara Trauth interview, Barbara Trauth

Chris Rielag interview, Chris Rielag

Kay Lynch interview, Kay Lynch


Michael J. Conaton interview (video, transcript), Michael J. Conaton and Thomas Kennealy

Thomas Kennealy interview, Thomas Kennealy


Albert Bischoff interview, Albert Bischoff, 1927-

Barbara Hopkins interview, Barbara Hopkins

Benjamin Urmston interview, Benjamin Urmston

Claire Seidenfaden interview, Claire Seidenfaden

Debra Mooney interview, Debra Mooney

John F. Kucia interview, John F. Kucia

John Hart interview (audio, transcript), Tim McCabe, Fr. Thomas Kennealy S.J., and John B. Hart

Joseph Sunderman interview, Joseph Sunderman

Michael J. Graham interview (session 1), Michael James Graham

Michael J. Graham interview (session 2), Michael James Graham

Michael J. Graham interview (session 3), Michael James Graham

Michael J. Graham interview (session 4), Michael James Graham

Michael J. Graham interview (session 5), Michael James Graham

Michael J. Graham interview (session 6), Michael James Graham

Patricia Burke interview, Patricia Burke


Richard J. Garascia (audio, transcript), Richard J. Garascia, Thomas Kennealy, and Tim McCabe

Rose Ann Fleming interview, Rose Ann Fleming