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When infants fed with human milk are hospitalized, the milk is managed by a computerized system that receives and tracks human milk for each infant, its location, and their expiration dates. This system is equipped with a barcode scanner which aids in the safe preparation and distribution of human milk. Audits conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center revealed that 1,071 containers expired unnecessarily during the last 6 months of 2020 costing the facility both time and money. The proposed educational module was comprised of an interactive virtual escape room activity that enhanced their knowledge of the milk management system. The escape room module consisted of a pre-survey, escape room, and post- survey. The surveys along with pre- and post- activity audits served as evaluation methods for the module. The purpose of this project was to evaluate the effectiveness of this escape room educational offering. Results showed a 41% decrease in the number of expired containers from an average of 176 containers to only 103 containers post education, as well as an overall improvement in knowledge. Improved knowledge decreased the amount of mishandled milk and decreased costs for the institution.

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