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There was an identified need for increased sepsis protocol adherence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). A Sepsis Response Team (SRT) was developed, which coincided with the preexisting Emergency Response Team on A7NS. There is literature to support standardizing the way in which sepsis is addressed. An educational module was developed and assigned to staff to familiarize them with the activation process of the SRT, the reasoning for its implementation, and the resources created as quick references for them. All registered nurses (RNs) on A7NS were required to complete the education module which utilized a self-directed, electronic format and post-test completion methodologies. Pre- and post-tests utilized multiple-choice items, short answer responses, and Likert scale items. Out of 70 RNs on A7NS, 25 RNs completed the pre-test, and 28 RNs completed the post-test. Effectiveness of the SRT education module, receptiveness of participants, education satisfaction and RN confidence were evaluated using a pre-test/post-test methodology. Preliminary results suggested deficient knowledge base of the institutional sepsis algorithm, hindering proper intervention response times. Post-education results supported increased knowledge of the proper sepsis response actions, as well as positive education reception and confidence in SRT implementation abilities. Implications for the future include continual data collection regarding sepsis institutional goals for all suspected septic patients, in addition to the recommendations of SRT implementation on other inpatient units at CCHMC.

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