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Human sex trafficking has plagued the United States (US) at an alarming rate. This is a significant problem due to the limited acknowledgement and education this issue has among the country. After a thorough literature review, it’s found that hotel and motels are one of the top used venues to house human sex trafficking. This occurs primarily unbeknownst to hotel housekeeping staff and management. Due to this national issue, I developed an education proposal to implement to the 21c Museum Hotel housekeeping staff. The verbal education provided the housekeeping staff with facts regarding human trafficking, the red flags to identify a human trafficking situation and resources available to the staff. To determine education attainment, I administered a pre and post-test to the housekeepers that attended the education. The results found that ninety percent of the housekeeping staff that were educated were unaware that human trafficking occurred in Ohio, let alone hotel and motel venues being a prime venue. These findings are significant due to understanding the lack of knowledge the housekeeping staff has on this nationwide issue. This targeted group is essential to educate due to the amount of time they are in and out of the hotel rooms. By educating all hotel housekeeping staff, human trafficking could cease to exist within hotel venues.

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