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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) have become an essential part of the healthcare system in providing high-quality, cost-effective care for surgical patients. ASCs offer a wide variety of benefits, including less invasive surgical techniques yielding less postoperative pain and a reduction in hospital admission rates. A midwestern ambulatory surgery center noticed a decline in patient satisfaction scores, with a negative perception centered around a delay in preoperative wait time. A review of the literature suggests that an increase in communication between staff and patients can help maintain satisfaction during unexpected delays, as well as educating surgical patients on expectations and the reality of outpatient surgery. This project addressed the potential causes of preoperative wait time delays and recommended best practices to increase patient satisfaction scores in a midwestern urological ambulatory surgery center. The first objective was to advise the utilization of all eight operating rooms (ORs) to promote efficiency in the daily schedule. The second objective was to increase overall patient experience, including improving communication and ensuring the patient is as comfortable as possible. The last objective was to increase patient feedback by distributing questionnaires during discharge. Inclusion criteria included: patients scheduled to have a surgical procedure with anesthesia, must be English literate, and have internet access. The results from 161 completed surveys of 1370 discharged patients without negative feedback on preoperative wait time indicates that improving OR efficiency, staff-to-patient communication, and asking for patient feedback yields an increase in positive patient satisfaction scores. Further recommendations would include considering incentives to encourage patients to return patient survey/questionnaires or implementing a different technique to further increase patient feedback.

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