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Heart failure is one of the most common chronic heart diseases in the United States. While numerous types of treatment are available for patients with heart failure, one common finding is still present: an increased need for more individualized, tailored patient education. Heart failure is one of the most common reasons for readmission into the hospital within 30 days of discharge. Reimbursement to hospitals and health systems becomes jeopardized when patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge for the same diagnosis. Finding suggest that a causative agent is there is a lack of individualized patient education. Low literacy levels have been associated with increased mortality and morbidity for patients with heart failure. It is crucial to create individualized, tailored education for the patient with heart failure that is written at the fifth to sixth grade level to help combat health literacy issues. Self-care is the cornerstone for success at managing heart failure. The use of an individualized, tailored educational binder can increase self-care and management of heart failure. Improving self-care can improve outcomes in patients with heart failure and help decrease the 30-day readmission rates.



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