Latino Voices in the Community: Latino Oral History Project


Name: Maria*, Place of origin: El Salvador, Place of residence: Cincinnati, Ohio, Gender: Female, Occupation: Seamstress and stay-at-home mother *Name has been changed to protect identity




Thanks to my professor, I had the opportunity to meet María.* María and her family moved to the United States a year and a half ago from El Salvador. Due to gang violence, María was forced to leave her home and her family in a country filled with danger. When I arrived at María’s house, she greeted me with a smile and a hug that only a mother could give. During the interview, she described the horrors that affect the lives of the immigrants that travel across the border into this country today. Her journey through three countries with two children and without her husband is powerful. Unfortunately, it is the story of many people who must take the risk to come to this country to begin a new life. María helped me understand how your past does not define your future. As she told me her story, her tone did not sound defeated, but empowered. She is an example of true faith and selfless love. It was an eye-opening experience that showed me the importance of treating every person with the respect that every human deserves.

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