Latino Voices in the Community: Latino Oral History Project


Name: Carmen Smith, Place of origin: Mérida, Mexico, Place of residence: Cincinnati, Ohio, Gender: Female, Occupation: Spanish Teacher




Last semester, I had a class with Carmen, a woman from Mérida, México that moved to Cincinnati ten years ago. Since the moment I met her, she inspired me and now she still inspires me. She is a Spanish teacher and I want to be a Spanish teacher also. I learned a lot about her and from her during that semester and she became like a friend and role model to me. I knew that she moved to the United States many years ago, but I wanted to know her story. I have another class with her this semester and I had to opportunity to talk with her before class one day. She moved to the United States to look for a new life and future. She needed to leave her family, home, and friends in Mexico and I can imagine that it was not easy. I want to share her story of challenges, hard work, success, and love.

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