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Name: Catherine Guerrero Rivera Waters Place of origin: Bogotá, Colombia, Place of residence: Fort Wayne, IN, Gender: Female, Occupation: florist business owner, mother




The interview with Catherine Waters was done by Zoom, an online video conferencing software. The interviewee was in her home in Fort Wayne, IN and the interviewer was in her apartment in Cincinnati, OH at the time of the interview. Catherine Water’s spouse was with their children. Catherine Water’s story is one of love that caused her to immigrate to the United States. Now, she is a wife and a mother to three children and continues to practice the importance of family in her new home in the United States.

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2019 Reichley Interview Transcript (English)

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2019 Reichley Reflection (English)

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2019 Reichley Reflection (Spanish)

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2019 Reichley Metadata (English)

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