Latino Voices in the Community: Latino Oral History Project


Name: Maria Aguilar , Place of origin: Tlalnepantla, Mexico, Place of residence: Indianapolis, Indiana, Gender: Female, Occupation: Business Owner, Car Dealership




The American Dream unfortunately is not reality for all, but for Maria Aguilar it is becoming one. Maria is a simple woman, with many values, and a mind that always thinks about the well-being of her family. She was born in the city of Mexico, in the municipality of Tlalnepantla. Now, located in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, Daniel, and her 3 children; Jesus, Alan, and Emiliano. For sure, one of her children is me. My mother, Maria, for me, is my inspiration, my idol, and my everything. I am very lucky and thankful to be able to share her history, with you, from the living room of her house, because to be an immigrant it does not make us ignorant, it makes us stronger. Maria, my mother, is an example to follow, because for her it doesn’t matter how hard life is, she is ready for any barrier that is placed in front of her. She came to the United States to work and to be able to live the American Dream and luckily for her it has been so far, with a lot of effort.

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