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Cathlic Church; Ephemera


Jubilee card for Paul Sullivan. The card contains biographical information, a photographs of Father Sullivan, and a prayer. This card was made by an unknown publisher.


(front) God, Our Father, We Give You Thanks and Praise For All the Wonderful Thigns You Have Done (middle) Thank you, Heavenly Father, for 50 years in the Priesthood and for 63 years in the Society of Jesus. Would you please help me give thanks to God? Please prat with me. God and Father of all gifts, we praise you, the source of all we have and are. Teach us to acknowledge always the many good things your infinite love has given us. Help us to love you with all our heart and all our strength. (back) [seal of Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio)]





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XUA-41, Jesuit Memorial Card Collection


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Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio). Xavier University Archives

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back of Paul Sullivan jubilee card

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back of Paul Sullivan jubilee card

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back of Paul Sullivan jubilee card

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back of Paul Sullivan jubilee card

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back of Paul Sullivan jubilee card


Cathlic Church; Ephemera