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Thesis Director: Dr. Shannon Byrne; HAB Course Director: Dr. Shannon Byrne




This paper explores the context of the 1616 trial of Galileo within the history of the geocentric and heliocentric theories of the solar system, as well as some factors that may have initiated this trial or influenced the result. Some of these factors include the criticism of contemporary Reformers, Galileo’s relationship with the Pope, and recently uncovered Vatican documents accusing Galileo of atomism. These last two are found in Pietro Redondi’s book Galileo Eretico, which alleges that Pope Urban VIII spared Galileo by having him investigated for holding heliocentric views, instead of letting him face potential charges of heresy based on the aforementioned document alleging incompatibility between the Catholic doctrine of Transubstantiation and atomist views expressed in Galileo’s book The Assayer.

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