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Citizen Responsibility, Conscience, War and the Draft

Citizen Responsibility, Conscience, War and the Draft

Archdiocese of San Francisco, Diocese of Oakland

In two parts, with subtitles: A kit for counselors and teachers, and A kit for young people facing problems of conscience and war

Contains excerpts from articles previously published


Pt. 1. War and peace -- Where do I stand? -- Understanding current war/peace contexts -- What is conscience? -- Individual and society --Religious and philosophical approaches to war -- Church teachings about war and peace --Clarifications and considerations -- Analyzing points of view on the draft --Pt. 2. Military service and the draft -- Thinking about war -- Three definitions of peace / Benjamine Seaver -- Seven roads to a world without war -- Types of responses to military conscription -- Peace, war and the Christian conscience / Joseph J. Fahey -- Some questions and some answers -- Conscription in the U.S. -- Statement on registration and conscription for military service / Administrative Board, United States Catholic Conference -- Decisions, decisions, decisions -- Conscience and war, a glossary -- Conscience and war, bibliography -- Last word and an invitation