Police Practitioner Meets Policing Scholars in Research

Kam C. Wong, Xavier University - Cincinnati

Chair of Panel (event #158) at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences 50th Annual Meeting held March 19-23, 2013 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel Dallas, Texas


This article is concerned with a simple but long unresolved question: how best to effectuate quality control for professional – academic policing journals, thus the title:“Peer Review for Professional - Academic Policing Journals: A Editorial Policy Debate.” Specifically, the article identifies the proper framework of debate as it addresses many of the more essential issues in contention. It concludes with the observation that setting proper quality standard and associated review process masks larger philosophical debates, e.g., what is “scholarship” and raises critical questions of legitimacy and quality control, i.e., who is our “peer” for peer review? In the end, the author cautions against a “one size fits all” review standards in favor of a more inclusive and flexible process that takes into account various intellectual traditions, paradigms and styles.